Gaslight Village

Established across from where Ramona Park, East Grand Rapids’ historic amusement park, once stood, Gaslight Village is a small East Grand Rapids tourist attraction with shoppes, small businesses, and restaurants. Containing popular go-to spots such as Jersey Junction, Rose’s, and Olga’s, Gaslight Village is a charming area for tourists and residents alike. Named for its gas-lit streetlights, this village is located on the end of Wealthy Street on the west side of Reeds Lake. It is a source of pride for the East Grand Rapids community.

Though it remains unknown precisely when Gaslight Village was established, its existence was placed on the map in 1966 when a large Jacobson’s Department Store, part of a chain, moved into the area. This store brought in shoppers and brought a sense of solidity to the village; however, in 1999, the City of East Grand Rapids noted the decline of business and tourism and developed a city master plan to reinvent Gaslight Village. While the plan was being approved, Jacobson’s closed, bringing with it a sense of loss for East Grand Rapids and Gaslight Village. In 2004, Jade Pig came onto the scene. Jake Pig Ventures suggested demolishing the empty Jacobson’s building and building instead small shoppes and offices that were more welcoming to pedestrians. With this change, East Grand Rapids began to see a difference in the community and in Gaslight Village. Residential condominiums were built to encourage growth in the Gaslight Village market, and with new residents came a sense of safety and community for East Grand Rapids.

Growth of Gaslight Village continued during the addition and reinvention of the Community Center and East Grand Rapids Public Library in 2006. During the same year, Jade Pig encouraged more residential development to create more interconnection between Reeds Lake, local parks, Gaslight Village, and the people of East Grand Rapids. Today, Gaslight Village remains an attraction to tourists and residents alike, constantly reinventing itself without losing its identity. As part of the garden of East Grand Rapids, Gaslight Village is only one beautiful flower complimented by the other varieties of the East Grand Rapids community.

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